My Art Vision
Dr. Shetha Faraj Abbo Al Numan

Because of my rich cultural background, narrating the tale of the Armenian and Iraqi/ Baghdadi life and culture became the aspiration of my art concept. As I find myself interested in interrupting the cultural scene and the daily human activities of my homeland in the composition of my work. With this I record the customs, heritage, and social traditions of my country, I also enjoy the description of the environment and architecture to sign the place and time.

In my art I have translated the Baghdadi scenes which are stamped in my memory, in a modern cubist architectural style that combines modernism in a fashionable way that reflects the vivid Iraqi conscience and sense of belonging in me. I have thought long about what I should exhibit in my work and after many practices and long trials, I decided to utilize the Baghdadi school motif in a new vision stemming from my personal experience and memory, in which I meant to record and share my legacy.

In this context and from my experience during my stay in Qatar for the past18 years, I got influenced with the Gulf region ambiance, which has been reflected in a number of my art work. As I did explore some of the daily life traditions and activities, in addition to some of the architectural landmarks of Doha.

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